The leadership of the US Franciscans have issued a statement against the president’s recent travel ban. They say:

The recent actions of President Donald J. Trump regarding the treatment of immigrants and
refugees entering our country have been troubling to a wide ranging group of citizens across the
United States. As Franciscans, we are morally outraged by and resolutely denounce the January 27,
2017 Executive Order addressing the U.S. immigrant and refugee admission program.

The full statement can be found here:

Also, here is a short video by the iconographer Friar Robert Lentz OFM explaining the image used above:

Jim McIntosh
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Jim McIntosh

Director, US Franciscans Communications at US Franciscans
A former missionary to Perú and Bolivia, I am now working half-time at a parish in New Jersey and half-time as director of communications for US Franciscans.
Jim McIntosh
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