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A number of people, including Franciscan friars, have been working on reflections on the Sunday readings, with special reference to Ladato Si’.

The Catholic Climate Covenant and the Integral Faith Team (a working group of the Association of United States Catholic Priests) are delighted to make these resources available for homilists to help integrate the rich insights of Laudato Si’ and Christian care for creation into Sunday Mass. The “Homily Helps” include:

  • Highlights from the Scripture readings of the day
  • Relevant quotations from Laudato Si’
  • Brief commentary
  • Illustrations and anecdotes
  • Sample applications
  • Petitions to include in the Prayers of the Faithful
  • Bulletin notes

The Homily Helps can be found online, and you can also subscribe to get them through email. If you have questions or comments, please email

Jim McIntosh
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Jim McIntosh

Director, US Franciscans Communications at US Franciscans
A former missionary to Perú and Bolivia, I am now working half-time at a parish in New Jersey and half-time as webmaster for US Franciscans.
Jim McIntosh
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