Provincials’ Letter Regarding US Capitol Attack

Provincials’ Letter Regarding US Capitol Attack

The leaders of six US Franciscan provinces wrote a letter to their friars concerning the attack on the US Capitol last Wednesday.

In their letter, they said:

We, Franciscan Friars are called to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ by following the example of St. Francis of Assisi. We have been in existence for over 800 years in multiple countries throughout the world. There are currently almost 900 of us living in the United States of America. As friars, we are committed to being instruments of peace and reconciliation for all of our sisters and brothers in the world. As United States citizens, we cherish the democratic values that our nation has tried to live since its foundation.

Our beliefs and our ideals do not blind us to what is experienced on a daily basis in our country. We are aware of the deep divides that have emerged between groups that hold divergent political ideologies, have differing financial status, and have different racial, ethnic, and religious heritages.

They closed by saying:

As friars, we pledge to work with all who promote human dignity, the common good, and peaceful and respectful dialogue. We reject violence as a means to achieve a desired end and want to promote non-violent means to restore justice. We will pray for all our government officials, especially, President-elect Biden, that they will work together to heal the wounds within our country.

“Our wounds” are not only political. Sadly, as a nation, we are in the midst of a worldwide pandemic. This, too, is an urgent issue that faces our governmental leaders. We call upon all people of good will everywhere to unite in prayer and in action that will help to eradicate the pandemic so that people in the United States and throughout the world may once again experience the original goodness and joy that the Lord has called us to know and love.

The full text of the letter can be read using the link above.

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Laudato Si’ Petition for Pope Francis

Laudato Si’ Petition for Pope Francis

Pax Christi International’s Catholic Nonviolence Initiative invites you to sign

An appeal to Pope Francis: The path of nonviolence toward a Laudato Si’ future

The message expresses our gratitude for Pope Francis’ leadership during this time of crisis and our belief that nonviolence is a crucial pillar in the foundation of the more just and sustainable post-pandemic world envisioned by Laudato Si’.

All are welcome to sign – Catholic religious communities, organizations, educational institutions, local communities and individuals.

The deadline for signatures is 31 July as we hope to deliver the message to Pope Francis early in August.

Please share the link to this message as widely as possible.  Thank you!

In peace,

Marie Dennis, OFS
Senior Advisor to the Secretary General
Co-President (2007-2019)
Pax Christi International

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En français ici

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